Call For Participation

We call for participation of the first workshop of a software radio implementation forum (SRIF). The forum is intended for researchers who are interested in wireless system implementations on the software radio platform. In the academic community, research efforts today in wireless communications and networking are mostly theoretical in nature. With software radio, it is now possible to prototype many of the proposed systems. These prototype efforts serve two purposes: 1) demonstration of feasibility; and 2) identification of new critical problems that demand further attention.

The barriers to the implementation efforts can be substantial. It may take an inordinate amount of time just to dig out details related to the software radio platform itself. The purpose of this forum is to bring together researchers and developers so that they can share their knowledge in software radio to expedite their prototyping efforts. Active exchanges among different research groups can create a synergistic environment that will be beneficial to all.

Toward that end, the Institute of Network Coding (INC) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, will organize a one-day workshop to kick-start the forum. The workshop is targeted for Jan 12-13, 2012. After the workshop, a web-based virtual forum will be hosted to facilitate exchanges over the Internet, with annual or biannual workshops to be organized subsequently.

INC is particularly interested in the implementations of physical-layer network coding systems on software radio, and Professor Soung Liew's group will present some of their findings. For the workshop in general, we invite researchers and developers who implement, or who are interested in implementing, software radio systems of all types to share their experience and insights with the community.

Currently, a number of world-renowned authorities on software radio implementations have accepted our invitations to give hour-long tutorial/survey talks. In addition, many groups have also indicated their interest to give technical talks on various software radio systems. Demonstrations will also be hosted during the workshop.

FREE Registration: Our registration website is Please sign up as soon as possible if you are interested in attending, presenting a talk, or demonstrating your projects, in the workshop.