The goal of Software Radio Implementation Forum (SRIF) is to bring together researchers working on software-defined radio to share and exchange information.

To build the community and to kick-start the forum, we will hold a workshop at the Institute of Network Coding (INC) in The Chinese University of Hong Kong on Jan 12-13, 2012.

Please take a look at the latest version of the Call for Participation and register to participate as an attendant, a speaker, or a demonstrator of a software radio project.

Topics of Interest

Samples of topics of interest are as below.

  • Implementations of network coding, especially physical-layer network coding
  • MAC protocol implementations
  • Multi-user beamforming
  • Interference alignment and cancellation
  • Single channel full duplex transmission
  • Survey of current hot topics for software radio system implementations
  • Comparison of software radio platforms (USRP, SORA, etc.)

T Y WONG Lecture Theatre, 5/F Ho Sin Hang Engineering Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong.


For more informaiton, please visit the registration section.

See a list of participants for people who have registered.

Latest Status of Workshop
Updated 2012 Feb.1

Videos of all presentations on SRIF2012 is now available to download at the Program webpage.

Updated 2011 Dec.1

The technical program has been finalized. Please take a look at the Program webpage for details. We anticipate a very lively workshop based on the registered participants so far. Please register early if you are interested in attending the workshop to facilitate our planning.

Updated 2011 Sep.30

We are honored that Dr. Tom Rondeau, Maintainer of GNU Radio, has accepted our invitation to come share with us his experience and insights on GNU Radio.

Updated 2011 Sep.23

We sent out informal email advertisement of the workshop in early September, 2011 and received enthusiastic responses from more than 30 research groups within the span of two weeks.

We anticipate a lively workshop with many interesting talks and demos from different research groups. Dr. Tan Kun (lead researcher of the Microsoft Sora platform) and Dr. Erran Li (Bell Labs, Murray Hill) will be giving invited survey/ tutorial talks on the latest developments in the field.

Registration is open as of September 30.

Updated 2011 Sep.16

Registration page updated and online registration is available. If you are interested in attending this worshop, please register online, and we will send you a confirmation letter once your registration is accepted.

Updated 2011 Sep.11

Within the first few days of the dissemination of our CFP through email, we have received very enthusiastic responses. As of Sept 10, we have received positive replies from more than 20 research groups that work on software radio. Many also express their wish to give talks and demo their work. Besides talks and demos, we may also hold discussion sessions/panels focusing on specific issues.